Solving Common 
Contract Packing Problems 

with Digitalisation 

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Josephine Coombe

Managing Director, UK

For contract packers and manufacturers, managing the day-to-day shop floor is no easy task. Relying on manual processes for managing the various, complex areas of your operation—from production tracking to profitability analysis to quality control—poses risks for costly errors and forces you to maintain inefficient, time-consuming processes, stifling your ability to grow as a business.

Nulogy, Marsden Packaging, and the Keswick Enterprise Group hosted a webinar on June 17, 2021, for a discussion on common operational challenges that plague contract packers and how a purpose-built digital software platform can help solve efficiency, traceability, and visibility issues on the shop floor. The webinar included:

  • Troubleshooting common shop floor issues in contract packing and manufacturing operations 

  • Firsthand discussion with two leading, growth-oriented contract packers about how a digital solution has helped drive productivity in their operations

  • An exclusive overview of how Nulogy’s software solution can solve the most common problem areas on your shop floor, improve efficiency, and drive higher productivity and profitability

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