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Nulogy has been transforming Industry 4.0 concepts into real-world applications to increase operational efficiency and business resilience for contract packagers and contract manufacturers—one of the key pillars of Lean Transformation in manufacturing and packaging facilities is Visual Factory Management.

At Nulogy, we are partnering with MAJiK Systems to enable contract manufacturers and contract packagers to automate processes and leverage machine data on their plant floor, improving Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) and achieving operational excellence.

Seamlessly integrated with MAJiK, Nulogy’s Operational Solution combines the real-time machine data collection and analysis from MAJiK, with the real-time view of production operations from Nulogy.

The combined solution enables manufacturing or packaging facilities to gain a comprehensive, to-the-minute performance overview—offering clear data visualization, productivity improvement, and streamlined operations.

Solution Benefits

Real-time facility insights
 into the progress of Jobs and Projects


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Up to 20% improvement
 in Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) in a matter of weeks

Automated inventory tracking & reporting
allowing associates to focus on value-added initiatives

Increased opportunities 
 for time & cost savings by turning machine data into actionable insights