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(Ends November 30, 2020)

COVID-19 continues to bring unprecedented challenges to contract manufacturing and packaging operations around the world. Among these challenges, the global crisis is forcing supply chain organizations to rapidly evolve, adapt and scale their quality control processes. How can you safeguard the well-being of your employees while maintaining the operational efficiency that has made you successful?
At Nulogy, we believe in solving problems together. Here’s how we want to help. 

What we're offering

Nulogy is offering a free trial of our Digital Quality Inspections solution, a SaaS-based product designed to digitize, streamline and enforce sophisticated quality control processes, with easy access directly through tablets. The free trial will end on November 30, 2020.

Key Capabilities 
With Nulogy’s Digital Quality Inspections solution, execute and enforce tight quality control processes to protect your operations, build trust with your customers, and maintain profitability and growth. The solution seamlessly integrates quality control processes with your production environment through:

  1. Digitization of quality inspections
  2. Auto-population of production data into your quality inspection to improve data integrity
  3. Enforceable inspection checkpoints to eliminate shortcuts and workarounds
  4. Audit trails on quality inspections
  5. Electronic signatures for submission and review of quality inspections

Key benefits

Save time to complete quality inspections

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In addition, we have created 4 Digital Quality Inspections Form templates related to COVID-19 that you can import and tailor to your company’s specific needs.  These can be incorporated into your procedures to help stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus and ensure the safety of your essential workers. By leveraging Nulogy’s Digital Quality Inspections and these forms, you can record activities and ensure the proper completion of various activities such as thorough and frequent sanitization of facilities, physical distancing of employees, and regular screening of employees for symptoms.

This free trial also includes:

  • Setup and onboarding service (value of $1,600) at Zero Cost
  • Free Access to Nulogy University Content for Digital Quality Inspections 

Release products faster

Take actions quickly
by rapidly investigating issues and performing root cause analysis

Minimize preventable errors

Scale up quality control processes

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