Leveraging Data & Connectivity for Collaborative Supply Ecosystems

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David Freed

Chief Information Officer
MSI Express

The supply chain industry has never been as challenged as it is today, facing a complex array of external factors that threaten to disrupt business as usual. Navigating unpredictable market conditions has become impossible without the proper systems, data, and analytics to support internal and external collaboration between supply chain partners.

In this webinar, supply chain experts explore best practices in data, analytics, and connectivity to support supply chain excellence and drive competitive advantage through:

- Removing data silos and latency while creating visibility at scale without the need for high value, dedicated, technical resources

- Creating the foundation for data-driven culture and decision making to improve agility and resilience
- Improving collaboration and synchronization with trading partners through robust, cost-effective, and flexible integrations
- Supporting productivity and efficiency improvements with custom workflows and notifications, while increasing agility and responsiveness

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David Freed
Rosemary DeAragon

Rosemary DeAragon

Global Head of Industry, Retail & CPG

Jake Barr
Christine Barnhart

Jake Barr

CEO and Principal
BlueWorld Supply Chain Consulting LLC

Christine Barnhart

VP of Product Marketing and Go-to-Market


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